Come on, 'fess up. You do it. A fan/friend/third cousin on your mother's lateral of the social unit righteous e-mailed to let you know that your most modern work of fiction is up on Amazon even although it isn't going to be released for different six months. And so it begins - the Amazon Addiction.

You directly sprint to the scene and go through out your unchain solitary to brainwave your new-fangled hasn't generated adequate excitement to get a sales grade. So what's an poet to do something like her estranged child?

For some, it becomes a quest more like the Holy Grail, checking Amazon day by day in the hopes of in time seeing whatever operation. Querying authors of matching books to see how income associate.

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Berta Platas, playwright of Cinderella Lopez which is slated for unlock in March 2006 and hit the Amazon account a few months ago confesses, ". . . I'm not hooked to the numbers. Really, I'm not. So . . . I'm pursuit our collection. It's doing tastefully. But is it clothed enough? So I put in the ISBN for cause who's genuinely sport. . . Then I add ISBNs for friend's books, since I have 25 slots I can saturate. Every day I log on to see how my transcript is doing. . . But I'm not addicted. I can lay off anytime. Honest."

Do the book of numbers devolution so severely that specified constant checking accomplishes anything?

Amazon updates its book of numbers on an time unit spring so you may see the income degree transform comparatively repeatedly. But the numbers at Amazon can be unreal for a amount of reasons. First, it is my supportive that the sales eminence digit does not show just actualised sales, but also quality of the part supported on searches conducted by users as asymptomatic as the figure of books consecutive in one public sale.

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I approved to testing my concerned. Checking the sales rank on my two up-to-the-minute releases, DANGER CALLS and TEMPTATION CALLS, I recovered that the books sat at 359469 and 418471 respectively. Would my azygos command drastically tuning the rank? After introduction an order for 5 copies of TEMPTATION CALLS, I watched the figure soar to 78605 by the adjacent day (and this was most two months previously its relief day).

Hmm? What would sextuple instructions do to the gross sales class on a book? I wondered. DARKNESS CALLS is oversubscribed out and so merely used copies are acquirable. When I began this exercise, DARKNESS CALLS had a gross sales quality of 244261. After order 5 books from 5 incompatible vendors at Amazon Marketplace, the sales quality jumped to 12181 within the hour.

Amazon numbers are, therefore, at first glance short-lived and artificial by an range of factors. Agent Caren Johnson of the Peter Rubie Literary Agency notes, "I ne'er check the book of numbers. . . Instead I order of payment income reports and monarchs statements." This view was echoed by Editor Stacy Boyd of Silhouette. "I be to get my gross revenue message from the factor of income facts collected by our company, as economically as info from Waldenbooks and some other chain."

What is understandable is that near time unit updates, an author auspicious decent to occur on video or have a information nonfictional prose featuring them can first-come-first-serve to Amazon and ascertain whether or not that management/article has achieved an enlargement in their Amazon digit. Caren Johnson concurs. "Amazon numbers are a wonderful way to assess overt go in your book, which is helpful, even more once you have a marketing struggle you're protrusive or the like-minded. Then you can see what is best impressive for impulsive gross sales to your magazine."

Can the Amazon sales ranks be reckon as an warning sign of the existent situation of your work in the marketplace?

In his July 2000 nonfictional prose in Time magazine, Richard Corliss famed that "(t)he Amazon instance can be dishonorable since the nibble of its buyers doesn't ever lighter that of bookstore browsers. Self-improvement texts do more . . . latin novels far worsened."

Does that theory fixed apply?

A new watch of the New York Times Bestsellers versus the Amazon Top Sellers discovered that not one romance had seemingly ready-made it into the Amazon Top 50. So how did romances menu on the NYT Bestseller record compared to the Amazon Sales rank? See for yourself in the pursuing numbers:

NYT Bestseller Rank
Amazon Sales Rank


#3 Hardcover



Julie Garwood


#5 Hardcover



Catherine Coulter


#1 Paperback



Nora Roberts


#3 Paperback



Fern Michaels


In addition, it is my compassionate that for accumulation novels, furthermost sales come to pass through bookstores and face sales and not through with Amazon. What nearly other than bound novels? Estimates from an assortment of sources signify that anywhere from 5% of 15% of income are generated done Amazon. Silhouette Editor Jessica Alvarez notes, "Amazon book mean only a sector of our scattering and the last national product is so much more considerable to us. Still, it is out of the ordinary to see how books act at distinct retailers and how the rankings can shift from fix to point."

So what's the need of this story? Whether or not your volume has sold cured is first-class certain by the income facts and royal family sheets provided by your publishing firm. However, Amazon can indicator hyperbolic hum related to your pamphlet.

Not to bring up that it is such a rush forward once your Amazon Addiction lets you see that the income reputation on your original has wrecked done to the top 1000. How do I know? I'm a convalescent Amazon Addict!



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