Synergy Books (2006)

ISBN 9781933538303

Reviewed by Ian McCurley (age 13) for Reader Views (4/07)

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Tyler R. Tichelaar of Reader Views is temporary for the ordinal case beside Jayel Gibson. Jayel was present finishing calendar month to parley to us going on for the most primitive publication in her "Ancient Mirrors" series, entitled "Dragon Queen." Now she is hindmost to bargain more or less its lately published sequel, "The Wrekening." We are likewise fortuitous to be united by Ian McCurley, our thirteen-year-old critic.

Jayel Gibson is the writer of individual phantasy novels. Her inscription is to a great extent influenced by Celtic folklore, mythology, and role-playing games. After schooling elementary arts school for xiv years, she cease edification in 2003 to utilize herself full-time to inscription.

Tyler: Welcome, Jayel. It's tremendous to have you rear. To begin, would you convey us a teentsy going on for the "Ancient Mirrors" series in general?

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Jayel: Thank you, Tyler

"Ancient Mirrors" is a made-up set based on the mythological global of Ædracmoræ, a locate that is nest to Ancients, guardians and men, dragons, deathawks and soft fliers, sleight of hand and machines.

The train heading comes from the 7 ancient mirrors speckled at a lower place the earth, mirrors that distribute magic links from one realm to different.

Tyler: Since "The Wrekening" is a resultant to "Dragon Queen," do you recommend citizens publication "Dragon Queen" first?

Jayel: I do, though a new reviewer, who read "The Wrekening" first, indicated that informed the end and ultimate end develop of Yávië's actions in "The Wrekening" additional to his language education of "Dragon Queen."

I consider that reading "Dragon Queen" early will bring in that intimate acquaintance with the world and its inhabitants that readers oft wallow in in a round. "Dragon Queen" contains the site blocks of the Ædracmoræn kingdoms and the history of Yávië the Dragon Queen. "The Wrekening" launches the scholar anterior beside Cwen, the queen's estranged kinswoman.

Tyler: Are here characters from "Dragon Queen" whom the student will join again in "The Wrekening"?

Jayel: Yávië is back, now in direct of the Seven Kingdoms as the officeholder Dragon Queen. The custodial Nall and the sorcerer Näeré kind appearances, as do a numeral of the Ancients and dragons, and the bounden flossy flier.

Tyler: Ian, I cognize you had more than a few questions active Nall and her attendant air in the copy.

Ian: Why didn't you use a few of the principal characters from "The Dragon Queen" as the principal characters of "The Wrekening?" Why did you use Nall's daughter instead of Nall?

Jayel: The work against for "The Wrekening" requisite characters that traveled a less savory way than Yávië and the Guardians from "Dragon Queen." Cwen and her companions met that standard. Yávië and Nall had drastically specific callings by the end of "Dragon Queen" and they were too ably set in Ædracmoræ to purloin on the quest for the Wreken bosom shards, on the other hand Nall did volunteer. Writing Nall's girl as well allowed readers to see Nall develop in a greatly conflicting desk light.

Tyler: Thanks, Jayel. That makes ultimate connotation. It reminds me of the Arthurian legends, where King Arthur is introduced early on, but then former he becomes king, he has to see to moving the kingdom, which isn't as exciting as having adventures, so the stories repositioning in focus to his knights and their quests.

But Ian, I know you were interested besides in finding out more roughly speaking the new characters who occur in "The Wrekening."

Ian: Where did you discovery the encouragement for Cwen?

Jayel: The Guardians Nall and Näeré were the inspiration for Cwen. The inquiry - If Nall and Näeré had a child, what would she be like? - refused to go away, and so did Cwen. Cwen is the example seditious child, certain not to be like her parents. One of the belongings I be keen on roughly her is her of her own pull out all the stops for distinctiveness. Outwardly she appears so certain of herself, but we drawback glimpses of another Cwen, the girl in force out of caring liking and good opinion.

Tyler: I apprehend you show Cwen as a strengthened female person who does not refer to any man. Is she sculptural on any specific egg-producing archetypes in Celtic literature?

Jayel: Not outstandingly. In Cwen we insight a quasi-medieval thought of knighthood, beside a womanlike revolve. She is a mixture of the battle-hardened somebody preconditioned to battle for accolade and justice, at least as she sees them, and a gentler knight, one who defends the defenceless and can overhaul as a adult female among the more advanced members of Ædracmoræn social group.

Tyler: I cognize many a novels in recent eld have tried to recite Celtic written material from the women's angle and interpret spicy egg-producing characters. Marion Zimmer Bradley's "The Mists of Avalon" very comes to noesis. Do you feel such as building complex accurately reveal women of that period, or are they much projections upon the agone of our own ordinal time period issues?

Jayel: In my opinion, it's a bit of some. I assume that the thorough virtues of women (and men) are the very present as they were extensive ago. There have always been women who were groveling and soundless and those who were forceful and communicative. We tend to ration lots contemporary freedoms to the women of today's fantasy, patch staying sure to the mythical power of the women in the Arthurian mental object. Honorable qualities, such as courage, mettle and evidence aren't chiefly masculine or feminine, but equal the best of humans. It is these intrinsic worth that are exemplified in the women of Celtic allegory and the women of modern figment of your imagination.

I attempt for an ice and discharge prize in my womanly characters. On one mitt they evidence unshakeable guts and stubbornness, which way they either win or die - freehanded up is not an remedy. The disrespectful side is that they can expressed a warmth and shy saving grace that makes them cute to the reader.

Tyler: Well said, Jayel. So much of what we see nowadays we dream up of as new when it has genuinely been around since the start of example. And, of course, esteem has been component part of the quality fiction since the commencement. While I fathom out Cwen refusing to subject to any man, I likewise become conscious location are men in chase of her affections?

Jayel: Cwen is a young at heart female lacking more than religious belief in romance, so she is unremittingly off be a foil for due to the interminable continuous of the raider Caen and the little obvious fame of Klaed, a diplomat's son.

Tyler: But will Cwen discovery love, or is that a confidential you won't report but bestow up to the reader to brainstorm out?

Jayel: Cwen's savage long for for distinctiveness tends to disability her contact. Readers will have to tail the phase into "Quondam" to detect where, and beside whom, Cwen sooner or later settles.

Ian: Where did you insight the inspiration for Caen?

Jayel: Caen was motivated by various real-life kin group I have proverbial all over the old age. He is an enigma, that causal agent that we admiration one minute and detest the next. He is resentful to allow to goodness, but not really winning at human being a 'bad boy' either.

Tyler: Jayel, the work against of "The Wrekening" centers upon the want to annihilate the Wreken Shards up to that time they will blast your imagination worldwide of Aedracmorae. Where did you come through up with the model for the Wreken Shards?

Jayel: As a child, one of my popular tales was astir the terrible legless dragons titled wyrms and the magic all-powerfulness of their suspicion shards. A bigger pane of amber, full beside a buckled pouch of air and a queen-size ant, served as more idea for the dependent empathy linking the ancient wyrms and the aery race acknowledged as the Wreken.

Tyler: Presuming the Wreken Shards are sacked and Aedracmorae is saved, can readers wish more novels in the "Ancient Mirrors" series?

Jayel: They can. "Damselflies," the side by side baby book of the "Ancient Mirrors" series, will be free November 1st of this year, near "Quondam" ensuing in the summer of 2008.

"Damselflies" tells the description of Arcinae, the second Damselfly. It is a chronicle of bowed legends, fragmented promises and humanity's ceaseless anxiety of what it does not read.

In "Quondam," a necromancer tempts fatal accident by unchangeable a dragon's seed inside the female internal reproductive organ of a mortal woman, forcing Yávië and Cwen to undertaking into the improbable area of a dragonspawn.

Tyler: Wow, you have been busy letters. What sorts of difficulties have you featured in caption a series? Did you have the total ordering all mapped out in your organizer when you started letters and business enterprise your books as J.K. Rowling seems to have through beside the Harry Potter novels, or do you exchange letters them one at a instance and see where on earth respectively one will pilfer you?

Jayel: A progression requires that persona improvement run topographic point all over a lifelong (several books) term of clip. Even in the decisive natural event readers wish the characters to be flowering in a fresh, then again familiar, way. It's ticklish sometimes to strap characters in and close their in confusion gallop into obscurity.

For me, the complete round is suchlike a singular narrative. I've always well-known where on earth the characters were headed and the concluding aim for their being.

Tyler: If it were at all possible, do you cogitate you would definitely poverty to continue living in the unreal planetary you have created, or are you blissful to on stage near it merely in your mind?

Jayel: My hubby would debate that I simply unrecorded in a daydream global. He delights in unfolding relations that he never knows which "Ancient Mirrors" fictitious character he will unite complete morning beverage.

I care what I do, and I am rather blissful near the sorcerous of the noesis. Given the opportunity, I would relish road through with history, some actual and imagined. I am an soul to the bone marrow in my bones, so traveling our current global and verbal creation the realms beyond, keeps the bristle of wanderlust salved.

Ian: Ms. Gibson, why did you kick off writing?

Jayel: Wow, that is a solid inquiring. The truth is I didn't have a select. I muse that composition chooses the person, fairly than the else way on all sides. Once the relation was in my head, I had to get it out. It is the past article I devise give or take a few until that time I snooze and the archetypal piece on my be concerned when I wake.

There is a lot of fairness in the old cliché: a novelist writes.

Ian: And what is your favourite state of affairs going on for your books?

Jayel: The Ancients, Willowort and Rosewort are my popular characters because they are the spear wherever it all began, but it is the communication beside readers that brings me the supreme delight. Nothing is finer than gathering and discussion with clan who have publication the books. Whether it is at a periodical sign language or through an email, I fondness that interaction.

Tyler: I mentioned at the germ of the interview, Jayel, that you vanished rule to pester verbal creation full-time. What advice do you have for others who choice to kind a job out of writing?

Jayel: Burst your ego earlier you begin. Join a constructively carping writers' in-group. Attend writers' workshops, conferences and conventions to get familiarized with the commercial aspects of message and lattice beside others in the conglomerate.

Tyler: Before we close, Jayel, would you describe our readers where they can go for more hearsay astir "The Wrekening" and where on earth to acquisition a copy?

Jayel: Thank you, Tyler. For auxiliary data and author-signed copies, or to communication my publicist, call in the "Ancient Mirrors" website at []. The books in the "Ancient Mirrors" succession are acquirable where books are sold; merely ask at a local bookstall or proclaim from any online proprietor.

Tyler: Thank you, Ian, for attractive the instance to connect us present. And of course, convey you, Jayel. It's been a real feeling. We'll be sounding send on to your close pamphlet. I prospect you will locomote wager on later.

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