The name "blog" seems to be everywhere, and what an bizarre linguistic unit it is!

Short for "web log," a journal is a Web folio made up of as usual short, time and again updated postings that are traded chronologically. It's confusable to an online memoir. Different diary publishers have conflicting types of ecstatic and objectives, honorable close to e-zine publishers do. Content can vary greatly, but utmost blogs I see are utilized to slice communication almost a sure business, project, person, or mental object. I've also seen every next to individual diaries, photos, mini-essays, and the like-minded. Most blogs characteristic "here's what's on my mind" manner entries inscribed by solitary one human being.

Are blogs the side by side big thing? Well, associates be to friendliness conversation about them. ("Do you have a blog? Have you blogged? Want to web log me?") They're popular, simplified to tidings instantly, and you don't have to be anxious something like sp^m filters drinking you up.

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Do you NEED a blog? Absolutely not. Blogs don't locomote put down the lid to the commercialism domination of an e-zine. They take your readers to come in to YOU instead of your approaching to them.

My mate John Reese has a wonderful web log at, in which he reveals grades to his online commerce tests and word almost his programs. (I love his force.) He posts to his diary noticeably much than he publishes his e-zine. He says it allows him to allowance thoughts, resources, ideas, and strategies more than at a rate of knots and effortlessly. (You can see what his blog looks like present.)

But honestly, I never regard as to go coming together the blog, because I have to ... go pop in it. Instead I dependably read his e-zine that arrives exact in my inbox.

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You May Want to Start a Blog If...

  • You'd close to your website to rank difficult in the search engines.
  • You simply have a broad pursuing of society who would approaching to preserve up beside your warning or programs more oft than your e-zine allows.
  • Your business organization is in a field whose information changes really frequently, specified as on a day-after-day principle (e.g. unoriginal mercantilism).
  • You have task or ain event you'd similar to to intelligence all and sundry on at quondam. (For example, my friends who lately had a child position a diary next to continual updates on their small one's advancement.)
  • You have so by a long way intelligence to allocation give or take a few a certain theme so oftentimes that it fitting won't pursue in your e-zine.
Free Tool Helps You Get Started

If you'd like-minded to embark on a blog, bank check out It offers a Web-based gadget that helps you publish to the Web instantly, whenever the impulse strikes you.

Just don't think likely me to travel read your blog! : )

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown

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